DEATTI Battery Surveillance Camera, 2K Wireless Mini Camera Indoor Surveillance WiFi IP Camera with PIR Motion Sensor, 2-Way Audio, Cloud/SD Storage, 2.4GHz WiFi

  • Small size, long battery life: this portable mini camera is equipped with a rechargeable 2400 mAh battery. 100% Wireless It could take 30 days (30 times per day) after a full charge. This indoor surveillance camera can also record 24/7 via USB charging.
  • Smart AI PIR detection: combination of PIR sensor under detection algorithm ensures that the battery surveillance camera only warns you in critical moments, which greatly reduces false alarms.
  • 2-way audio: the wireless WLAN indoor camera supports seeing, listening and talking with visitors from anywhere on the mobile phone app. It is very convenient to receive the package and take care of children and the elderly.
  • 2K clear night vision: the WiFi mini camera supports 2K HD images, large surveillance distance (up to 65 feet clearly see, recommended detection distance within 32 feet), large surveillance range and clear infrared night vision. You can see all the details clearly when you watch live streams or historical videos day and night.
  • Can be placed anywhere: with the included magnetic base, you can attach the security camera to any metallic surface. You can also place the WLAN camera directly on any surface.
  • Brands DEATTI
  • Product Code: GX5S
  • Availability: 100
mini camera

DEATTI Mini Camera, 2K HD Battery Surveillance Camera, Wireless WLAN IP Camera, Indoor with PIR Motion Detection and IR Night Vision, 2400 mAh, 2-Way Audio, Cloud/SD Storage, 2.4 GHz WiFi

Warm tips:

1. The battery surveillance camera supports both motion detection and 24/7 hour recording.

2. The indoor camera is only compatible with the app "CloudEdge".

3. The wireless surveillance camera only supports 2.4 GHz WiFi, not for 5 GHz WiFi. (Please note that 5GHz means a network frequency that is different from 5G network.)

mini camera
mini surveillance camera
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mini camera

battery surveillance camera

mini surveillance camera

mini wifi camera

Diesel mini indoor surveillance camera provides maximum world for space. The size allows the WiFi camera to be placed in drawers, sofas, bookshelves and cupboards or anywhere in the room. This WiFi camera can also be mounted in many places such as walls, garages, balconies and porches with the included bracket, which can be rotated and adjusted in many directions.

Custom Detection Range

The wide angle of the lens can cover certain areas that cause many triggers but are not important. Therefore, choosing a targeted warning area can save energy and filter out many distractions from unwanted information.

Cloud/SD Storage

Select either the encrypted cloud service plans provided or the SD card to save recorded videos as well as playback. You can download and share your videos at any time.

hidden camera

mini camera with recording

camera battery


Simply open the "Alarm Setting Alarm Management Plan". You can choose the period to monitor the place when you need it.

PIR motion sensor

Once motion detection is triggered, the camera automatically sends application alarm pushes. So you know what happens at home and can make appropriate precautions in time. With PIR sensor and AI algorithm for detecting human movement, this camera can significantly reduce false alarms.

Share with other family members

The mini camera WiFi can be shared with several family members and allows you to view the camera at the same time. Love is never absent. Invite others to download the CloudEdge app and scan the camera's QR code.

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