DEATTI 2K 4G LTE/3G GSM Surveillance Camera Outdoor Battery with SIM Card, 360 Degree Camera Surveillance Wireless Solar IP Camera Outdoor PIR Motion Detection with Floodlight and Alarm

  • 【100% Wireless with Solar Panel, No WiFi】The wireless design ensures easy and flexible installation. The camera transmits data over 3G/4G LTE and is powered by solar panel. Ideal for construction sites, farms etc. where there is no internet or electricity.
  • Smart Siren Alarm and Spotlights: The unique smart siren alarm function with spotlights is really a great design when this outdoor camera wirelessly detects unexpected visitors at night in the dark and scares them away.
  • PIR motion detection and 2K colour night vision: surveillance camera outdoor battery with integrated PIR human AI motion detection technology to reduce false alarms caused by rain, vehicles, pets, insects. 2K resolution and 2 combo lights equipped to deliver sharper and smoother image quality than 1080p.
  • 2-way audio and IP65 weatherproof: outdoor surveillance camera wireless with built-in noise cancelling speaker and MIC. This outdoor camera allows you to talk with postman or friendly neighbours on the go. Or install it in the garden to monitor your little children when they play outside. IP65 weatherproof makes it suitable for outdoor use. This solar surveillance camera works under -22°F to 122°F.
  • Free your camera & TF and cloud storage: You can share the device with your families so you can access the camera surveillance outside anytime and anywhere and watch real-time video. It can record videos on a micro SD card (max. 128 GB, not included) or in cloud service (7 days free trial). Records are automatically overwritten when full.
  • Brands DEATTI
  • Product Code: G1 Pro
  • Availability: 100
surveillance camera with sim card

DEATTI 4G LTE surveillance camera with SIM card, works perfectly without WiFi, powered by solar energy, you can install it anywhere

Warm tips:

1. Comes with a free 4G SIM card and contains 100 million free cellular data. (SIM card included) Miscro SD card/cloud is required to store recordings (SD card not included).

2. The 360 degree camera is activated and only starts recording video when it detects human movement.

3. The outdoor camera is only compatible with the "CloudEdge" app.

4. Make sure that the solar panel is directly exposed to the sun, do not place it under the eaves or in the trees.

surveillance camera without wifi
surveillance camera outdoor battery
outdoor surveillance camera

outdoor solar surveillance camera

camera surveillance outdoor solar

battery surveillance camera

Battery surveillance camera with solar panel

Equipped with an efficient 10 W solar panel and a built-in 14400 mAh battery. The solar panel provides 365 days of uninterrupted power supply. The USB cable is 3 metres long.

PIR motion sensor

As soon as motion detection is triggered, the outdoor solar surveillance camera automatically sends application alarm pushes. So you know what happens at home and can make appropriate precautions in time. With PIR sensor and AI algorithm for detecting human movement, this camera can significantly reduce false alarms.

4G surveillance camera outdoor battery with SIM card

Comes with a free 4G SIM card and contains 100M free cellular data. (SIM card included) Miscro SD card/cloud is required to store recordings (SD card not included).

camera surveillance outdoor wireless

surveillance camera wireless

camera surveillance outdoor battery

Share with family members

The outdoor camera supports a maximum of 10 users for simultaneous live streaming.

Note: Shared users must first create an account in the CloudEdge app

Custom Recording Time

Simply open "Alarm setting alarm management plan". You can select the period to monitor the location if you need this.

Custom Detection Range

The wide angle of the lens can cover certain areas that cause many triggers but are not important. Therefore, choosing a targeted warning area saves energy and filters out many distractions from unwanted information.

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